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July 22, 2020

Huntersville, NC – Prevention of Basement Flooding Through Landscaping

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Do you want to prevent basement flooding? Here are some simple landscaping techniques that will come handy.

The warm summer weather is enough to tempt you to get into the garden and plant. Planting beautiful plants and flowers is great, but there is a lot more to landscaping than adding plants and flowers to enhance your curb appeal. If done right, landscaping can have a lot of benefits.Garden

Effective landscaping minimizes the likelihood of water leaching into your basement and other rooms within your house, especially during periods of heavy rain falls. In the following paragraphs, we will share with you some easy landscaping tips that will help you prevent flooding in your basement.

So, let’s begin.

Grade the Yard

One of the best landscaping techniques to prevent basement flooding is yard grading. To prevent water from coming in, the ground should slope away from your home, from all sides. For this, you need to understand all the high and low points on your property. To form the slope, you’ll need some extra dirt.

Invest in Native Plants

Another way to prevent basement flooding is to invest in native plants. The plants you grow on your property should be native to the area that you live in. These plants allow storm water to drain in an efficient manner, while preventing the erosion of the soil.

Plant More Grass

You should grow more grass on your property if you want to prevent flooding in the basement. You may not know this, but the roots of the grass have the ability to absorb water. If your grass starts to grow, trim it but don’t trim it too short for it would weaken the root. As a result, water will find its way into your basement.

Use Mulch

Some garden areas might be graded away from your property. Fill those areas with some mulch to hold the soil and the rainwater. If it is near your home, the mulching should be done at least 6 inches away from the siding. This will prevent moisture from rotting the exterior of your home.

Make a Rain Garden

You can even form rain gardens if you want to prevent flooding in the basement of your house. Rain gardens are mostly formed in shallow depressions, and they collect water from the storms, along with the water that runs from the downspouts and gutters.

Bring in the Rain Barrels

You can even place rain barrels under the downspouts, which collect water, and prevent it from seeping into the basement of your home. Rain barrels tend to water your garden in an eco-friendly manner, especially when it is dry.

These were some of the easiest landscaping tips to prevent flooding in the basement.

If you still face flooding and water damage in Huntersville, NC, feel free to visit our website.

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