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Charlotte, NC – Our Home Restoration Experts Specialize in Water Damage Cleaning

Is persistent water damage destroying your property? Utilize STOP Restoration Charlotte North’s water damage restoration service. Almost every property owner has experienced the loss from water damage at least once in their life. Whether it’s from leaking pipes or destructive floods, water damage can destroy everything that you own. If not dealt with immediately, excess...

Charlotte, NC – Call This Home Restoration Company for Biohazard Cleaning

Have you found biohazard waste on your property? Contact STOP Restoration Charlotte North for efficient biohazard cleaning. Biohazard cleanup involves sanitizing, deodorizing, and cleaning areas that have witnessed traumatizing incidents such as accidents, injury, or death. In other words, dealing with biohazards means dealing with human or animal remains, blood, chemical spills, and more. A...

Huntersville, NC – We Offer Smoke Damage Cleaning Services in Mecklenburg County

Are you struggling with the aftermath of a recent fire? Utilize STOP Restoration Charlotte North’s smoke damage service. Seeing your property and belongings being consumed by flames can be devastating. However, even after the fire has been extinguished, the destruction by soot, ash, and smoke still prevails. If left untreated, the smoke and soot particles...

Mooresville, NC – Searching for a Local Water Damage Repair/Restoration Company?

Do you often find yourself having to deal with situations with water damage? Worry no more and only contact STOP Restoration Charlotte North for the best water damage repair services in town. Water damage situations are some of the most common unpleasant occurrences faced by US homeowners every year. From sub-standard plumbing, lack of maintenance,...

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BIO: My name is John Alexander. I'm the owner and US veteran of Service Team Of Professionals - STOP Restoration Charlotte North. We provide disinfection services, water/mold/fire/smoke remediation and environmental (biohazard) services.