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Huntersville, NC

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Huntersville, NC

by: John Alexander

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Charlotte, NC – Restoration Company Lists Tips to Avoid Water Damage in Kitchen

Wondering how to prevent water damage in your kitchen? Here are some helpful tips listed by Service Team of Professionals that can help you out! Water damage is one of the most troublesome things that you need to watch out for in your kitchen. This is because it can damage the kitchen cabinets and drawers....

Charlotte, NC – Hire Us for Expert Mold Remediation Service for Moldy Bathroom

Dealing with a moldy bathroom? Call Service Team of Restoration for expert mold remediation services right away! Bathroom mold is quite a common issue that plagues many homeowners. This is because bathrooms are moist, humid, and warm, which makes them the ideal ground for mold growth. Common types of mold that grow in the bathroom...

Huntersville, NC Attn; Locals – Call Us for Biohazard Cleaning in Hospitals

Looking for a reliable company to remove the medical waste from your healthcare facility? Call Service Team of Professionals for excellent biohazard cleanup services today! Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, are breeding grounds for bloodborne pathogens, harmful contaminants, and biohazard or medical waste. If this waste is not handled properly, then it can lead to...


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