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Huntersville, NC

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Huntersville, NC

by: John Alexander

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Charlotte, NC – Roofing Water Damage? Call for Local Restoration Services

Do you suspect roofing water damage at your home? It’s time to act now! Are you fed up with running for a drip bucket every time it rains? No one likes doing it or staying on top of the weather forecast for that matter. But it’s important to know that a small drip indicates a larger roofing issue. By resolving...

Charlotte, NC – Fire Hazards in the Dorm? Seek Professional Fire Restoration

Are you sure your campus dorm is secure from fire hazards? Read on to study some fire safety tips for dormitories. Dormitories are among the busiest places in a college campus where students spend the bulk of their time. However, they are also prone to fire incidents when students tend to be careless. They’d overload...

Charlotte, NC – Call for Professional Remediation Services for Garage Mold

Are you tired of excessive moisture and humidity in your garage? Seek professional remediation services before mold strikes. Your home may be well protected from mold issues, but garages are a totally different story. Not only are they subject to poor ventilation but the rainwater and snow that your car keeps bringing inside the garage also...

Charlotte, NC – Bathroom Water Damage Prevention | Mecklenburg Residents

Worried about water damage in your bathroom? Study these tips to prevent water from wreaking havoc in your bathroom. Pretty much everything that happens in your bathroom requires water, so it’s no wonder that 75% of all water usage in homes occur there. This makes your bathroom most vulnerable to water damage issues, as water can...


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