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September 01, 2020

Houston, TX – How to start competing online in a competitive market p4

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digital marketing houston click and createThis series picks back up on how to start and compete in a competitive market. As a quick recap:

Part 1 was about: Know who your competition is.

Part 2 was about: Research the details of your competition.

Part 3 was about: Establish your keyword list.

We are building on those ideas. Here is the next main idea.

Build out your website and make sure it has valuable content people want to read.

Have you ever thought of what Google does? They provide links to informative sites that they feel speak to the search term (oversimplified answer).

Google is an online collection of site links. They don’t own all these sites, they just own their ability to categorize them and search through their content to show you the best possible solution to your query.

Does your site answer questions potential users may have? Why should Google show your site instead of your competitors?

Put yourself in your target market’s shoes, would you find value in your site? I do feel that every company must have a site and have at least the basic info since it builds credibility but these days that isn’t enough.

In order to rank well you must be informative. I’ve got to want to read it. What value will I find?

To put it as straightforward as I can, I want to be able to interact with you by interacting with your website.

If you write your website from that mindset then you are starting on the right foot. How can you help people in a way that other sites aren’t already doing?

Assuming you already have a business plan that answers those questions, lets get that information on your site. If you need help with setting up a website then we can help you out.


This article will pickup on the next post.

In the meantime you can read some of our case studies about online marketing.

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