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August 13, 2020

Houston, TX – How to increase your websites Domain Authority (DA) part 1

Posted in: Industry News

Click and Create Digital Marketing Houston TXDoes the DA of your site matter?

With the changing algorithms can anything really be used to tell if your site is a good one?

Yes…and no.

DA stands for Domain Authority which is not a guarantee that your site is getting traffic. Or that your company is getting leads.

A website can have a high DA but not be worth anything. So why do we care.

Here is my perspective on domain authority.

I like numbers. I like having something that tells me if my site is moving in the right direction.

On my site I started the year with a DA of 1. Pretty much you have a website. That is all.

Who you focus on matters

I started to refine every page on the site and make sure every page had content that was useful to someone viewing the site.

Ultimately, I want Google to find my site but a lot of times that means people are marketing to Google and not to users. Google wants people to create content that matters to users. They are ever-changing their way of showing sites so that the sites with the best content show first.

So stop worrying about Google and worry about the users instead.

This doesn’t guarantee anything but if you do this your site DA will go up.

Now, that being said you still need to keep Google in mind but what I am saying is Google shouldn’t be first in importance.

Now that you focused your content on your users go back into each page and set things up properly.

  • Title Tags – Each page needs proper title tags so search engines know what is on the page. This is a 1 line summary of your page.
  • Keywords – Learn to weave your keywords into your content. Use it sparingly and part of the flow of the sentence.
  • Descriptions – This isn’t something Google cares about but when a user does a search they will see this description under the link to your site. So make it a grabbing statement.
  • Content Length – I would say at a minimum there should be no less than 300 words per page but I would shoot for 1,000 words instead. The user is on your page so why should they click a million times to get more content. Fill up your pages and make them valuable.

There are a million things you can do but learning how to make pages work well is the very beginning.

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