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July 30, 2020

Houston, TX – What we have learned on reaching your target audience

Posted in: Industry News

We recently started to look through a few different outlets for business and we found something…wholesale prices.

We all know about people who sell products for wholesale prices but have you ever thought about wholesale prices on services instead?

One of our clients has a target audience of people who are 55+, don’t use the internet much, are in financial stress, and are finding that they need to sell their house.

That is a hard person to reach out to no matter who you are. We here at Click and Create have done really well with digital advertising but the target market our clients have needs to

Recently, Eric Wargo and I joined a group where we are being taught how to get wholesale prices on radio advertisements. We know the digital world but the radio waves….this is totally new territory.

But we are always learning and we are 100% in to figure it out.

So the first thing we learned is that there is something called Arbitron which is like har.com for radio stations. It has all stats for all the stations far and wide. Only the top radio stations even have access to it.

I reached out to I Heart Radio the other day and got them to send me the stats for every station. We decided to look for stations that had a target market for what our client needed.

In the radio industry, there are salesmen and women who sell time for ads. These people have access to negotiate prices. The first price never has to be the actual price you pay.

COVID-19 has disrupted everything. Bar none. We all hate it but you can use it to your advantage. Many companies have shut down and people are not spending their advertising funds as much as they did.

Negotiate you price in order to get wholesale radio advertising prices.

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