Custom made t-shirts designed to meet specific wants and needs are a unique way to stand apart.  Custom t-shirts can bring attention to businesses, set apart different companies, businesses, or even family members, or simply be a fun way to display what it is you love in life.  But when you order custom t-shirt prints, you may have some questions.  Here are some common questions about t-shirt printing answered.

Are T-Shirts Only Screen Printed?

At Texas Ink, our high-quality custom t-shirts can be screen printed for an exceptional final product.  But we also offer embroidery services as well.  Choose from one or even both services to design a shirt that fits the exact design you had in mind.  At a loss for what to design?  We also offer graphic design services and can help design a custom shirt that stands out.

What Quality is Printing and How Do I Care for My Shirt?

Custom t-shirts can look great right out of the plastic.  But many people want to know what these shirts and their designs will look like after being worn and washed several times.  The image on screen printed shirts is designed to be very durable.  The ink has been tested using “wash” tests to ensure that it will hold up, even after many washings.  However, washing instructions are included to help keep custom t-shirts looking good for a long time.

Can I Reorder?

If you have received a custom t-shirt that you absolutely love and want to reorder, we will keep your information, including the desired design, on file to make it easy to place another order.

Whether you are looking for custom t-shirts for a business, school, town festival, reunion, church event, fun run, or other events, Texas Ink can make your design a reality.  Just give us a call to get the process started.