You may know the old saying, “The clothes don’t make the man.” While that rings true today, there is another truth: sometimes the man (or the woman!) can make the clothes. With so many clothing options online and in-store, it can be hard to find just the right piece that expresses your individuality. Rather than scouring the internet for the perfect shirt, why not take your own ideas and have them turned into clothes you want to wear every day? There’s no end to the designs you can have made into a completely unique wardrobe.

Brand Yourself

Whether you own a small business, you’re an artist, or you just have an extraordinary personality, branding can be important. By creating a logo or tagline that is specifically yours, you can reinforce your brand through your own clothing. Having shirts screen printed is a great way to promote these images and make them stick in people’s minds long after they see you.

Support a Cause

If there’s something you feel passionate about, you likely know the feeling of wanting to share it with the world! Rather than repeating yourself, put anything you feel strongly about onto a shirt. This can direct others to a website, present a fact they may not know, or encourage a particular action. Using your clothing to make a difference can be a rewarding way to spread awareness.

Stick Together

While you can have custom t-shirts made for just yourself, sometimes it’s more fun to share. If you’re having a large event like a reunion, making t-shirts to commemorate the occasion can be a great souvenir and show everyone nearby that you are a group. A matching set of shirts can also be a great tool to use in a crowded place, like a theme park or a sports arena, to visually link yourself with family members.

Whatever your needs are, Texas Ink is Houston’s go-to specialist in custom designs. They offer screen printing and spot color printing for t-shirts and can make your idea a reality.