For any business owner, promoting and advertising are typically at the top of the priority list as these are often the crux of any business’s sales and goals. In many instances, stickers and signs can be a great way to advertise in a variety of contexts, such as on windows and cars. When stickers are used for advertising purposes, using vinyl lettering is often the better option when compared with traditional paper stickers. Having custom vinyl lettering made for your business can be an asset to your company for many reasons.

Weather Resistant

If you’re going to be advertising outside, vinyl is much more durable than paper and other materials. Rain will not damage a vinyl sticker, and they are less susceptible to fading from direct sunlight. Especially when placed on cars and windows, vinyl lettering will endure longer, no matter the weather conditions in your area.


Vinyl lettering stickers do not leave behind a sticky residue when removed, meaning that you can change them out often to line up with different seasons and promotions. While they are long-lasting, a vinyl sticker can also be removed easily whenever necessary. This also means your clients and customers will be more willing to put them on their cars and personal belongings, leading to more exposure for your business.

Quick and Affordable

Designs for vinyl lettering can be made quickly, as they don’t require any paint to dry or construction to be finished like some advertising projects require. Vinyl lettering is also an affordable option, especially considering the durability of the material. You can order a large quantity of products to sell or distribute as you see fit, giving you the best bang for your buck.

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