At Texas Ink, we recognize the importance of brand identity and recognition in making a good impression. A great way to garner interest and attention for your business, company, or event is to make your logo as visible as possible! We offer custom logo embroidery on a wide range of products, such as caps, hats, shirts, and other apparel items in a variety of quality, popular brands like Adidas, Nike, American Apparel, and more. Whether you are looking to enhance your professional apparel in the workplace and in front of clients or interested in promotional items for a corporate event, Texas Ink has you covered.

Because we offer custom embroidery, you get a customer service experience that is specifically related to your needs and timelines. Texas Ink strives to offer quality customer service and an efficient turnaround time so you can successfully show off your brand! We offer custom quotes and clearly communicate all aspects of the process so you know what you are getting and when. Whether you need an order of custom embroidered professional shirts for your small company or thousands of caps for a promotional event, Texas Ink is prepared and able to tackle all types of jobs. All our embroidery is done in-house, so you can trust that our services provided are local and dependable.

Wonder what goes into custom logo embroidery? At Texas Ink, all you need to do is request a quote and we will offer you a large selection of options and price ranges to suit your needs. Whether you provide a logo or would like to depend on us to create it for you, we digitize the artwork so that our machines can create the quality custom work you are looking for. In addition to a digitized embroidery experience, we have curated a stock of the best brands so your apparel items and more are all of the greatest quality. Choose Texas Ink for your custom logo embroidery needs today!