Screen printing can be used as an effective marketing tool to increase business for many local Houston companies.  Quality screen printing for business and casual apparel is a great way to increase awareness of a brand and draw in potential customers.  Utilize screen printed business or casual apparel in these ways to promote your business.

Appeal to Inactive Customers

Send a screen printed t-shirt to inactive customers to remind them of your business.  Send a short note along with the T-shirt. Reintroduce your company and ask if you can be of service.  Tell about any new services or products you have to offer that could draw them in.

Tradeshow Swag

T-shirts screen printed with your business name, logo, or other company-related design make for great swag to take to tradeshows.  When handing out business cards, you can also pass out t-shirts to increase brand awareness.  The more memorable the t-shirt and design, the better the chance of building new relationships with potential customers.

Customer Service

Unsatisfied customers are a discouraging part of operating any business.  Appease disgruntled customers by first listening to their concerns.  To go the extra mile, you can also offer to send a custom screen printed t-shirt to apologize for any mistakes or errors the customer experience.

Social Media Giveaways

Social media is a popular way to bring attention to a business and build clientele.  Get more likes and engagement by hosting a social media giveaway with all types of screen printed swag such as hats, t-shirts, polos, or keychains.  Everyone loves a good give away and you can increase your followers as an added bonus.

For quality screen printed products in Houston to promote your business, contact Texas Ink.