Embroidering hats or t-shirts to promote your local business or school can add a whole new look to your products.  Embroidery services are eye-catching and well done and can add a finished, more sophisticated look to any ensemble.  The benefits of embroidery services are great for not only look but also promoting your brand.

A Professional Touch

One of a kind embroidery logos give any simple piece of clothing or accessory a brand new, professional look that you can’t get when ordering from a basic catalog.  Not only do local embroidery services offer personalized logos or designs, but they also raise the standard of quality on any uniform, shirt, hat, or accessory that promotes local businesses or schools.

Brand Advertisement

Embroidered products are a walking advertisement for whoever happens to be wearing the merchandise.  Your logo or company name on a hat or t-shirt is a great opportunity to create business awareness and attract new customers.  Embroidery services offer a whole new outlook on advertisements that can be a bold statement that raises awareness for all who see it.

Stand Out

With custom embroidery services carefully stitched on personal items, your uniquely designed logo will stand out among the competition.  Each logo can be customized exactly to the design vision for a finished product that meets the end goal.  Choose different colored thread or gradient embroidery for added uniqueness.  A creative yet professional look with embroidery showcases businesses and adds a level of professionalism that t-shirt screen printing lacks.

Texas Ink offers exceptional local embroidery services that are unmatched.  For all your embroidery needs, contact Texas Ink.