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April 28, 2022

Houston, TX – Reducing Plastic Packaging Can Help to Reduce Office Waste

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A drastically large amount of plastic waste is generated every year. Sadly, only about 10 percent of all plastic waste is recyclable. 

Look around and you’ll see plastic everywhere, on the sides of roads, in landfills, and filling up oceans. Any way to reduce plastic packaging is a win both for the workplace and the world. These tips can help reduce office waste and will produce less plastic.

Sustainable Packaging

The first step to reducing plastic waste is to search for more sustainable packaging solutions. Biodegradable packaging options are becoming more and more popular for companies looking for more green-friendly options. Over time, the packaging will break down, leaving nothing behind. Any way to limit packaging is also a possible solution to using less plastic packaging.


Another way to promote office recycling is to order in bulk. Ordering in larger quantities instead of smaller packaging will reduce plastic packaging that is used to ship out orders.

Reusable Options

In the office, replace plastic options with other, more sustainable options such as reusable or refillable items. Encourage office employees to bring their own coffee mugs. Wash and reuse plates or utensils. Bring food in reusable containers instead of using takeaway boxes. Anything that reduces the waste headed to landfills is a great option for any office.

Reduce Online Orders

Online shopping requires more plastic packaging. Shopping locally is one way to reduce the packaging that goes to waste. 

Online packaging tends to be “over the top,” only leading to more and more unrecyclable materials such as plastic, packing peanuts, or large boxes being used. Less is more and local shops can help eliminate all the “extras.”.

For more information about office recycling or to schedule recycling pickup, Mission Recycle is a recycling company you can trust. Contact us for more information.

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