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February 22, 2021

Houston, TX – Residential and Commercial Recycling of Cardboard with Pickup

Posted in: Industry News

Mission Recycle is a residential and commercial recycling company in Houston, Texas that provides regularly scheduled pickups as well as one-time pickups in the Houston, Downtown, and Sugarland areas. Whether you are looking for recycling services in a residential or commercial space, it helps to have a company committed to the environment and taking care of all the daily packages and boxes of cardboard.

As we come to rely more and more on online shopping and delivery services, that means more cardboard is building up in our homes. Without recycling services, that cardboard would go to the landfill where it would take up space and release gasses that end up contributing to global warming and other environmental concerns. Instead, Mission Recycle offers regularly scheduled pickups for residential homes and properties to help take those delivery and shipping boxes off your hands. If you recently moved or received a large shipment, you can also schedule a one-time pick-up service with Mission Recycle.

Commercial spaces also tend to receive a large influx of cardboard materials through deliveries and shipments. A store may end up with large cardboard bales weekly due to the regular deliveries of products and goods. Instead of allowing that large amount of cardboard to end up in the landfill, commit to helping make your community better by scheduling recycling services with Mission Recycle. When cardboard is recycled it can be used to make new products instead of developing those products from scratch. Paper and cardboard products are typically derived from wood pulp, and when there is a high demand it can lead to deforestation. If your commercial space regularly uses and receives a lot of cardboard, schedule regular or one-time pickups based on your needs.

Mission Recycle is committed to helping support the Houston community and promoting the investment and use of recyclable materials.

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