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February 05, 2020

Houston, TX – Office Recycling Program with Bins and Pickup

Posted in: Industry News

Office Recycling 101 with Mission Recycle

Recycling in the workplace can be easy! Mission Recycle serves the greater Houston, Texas area in providing recycling services to both residential and commercial locations. Setting up an office recycling program with Mission Recycle simply means you fill out a quick online form to receive a quote, select your bin types, and we handle the rest! Mission Recycle supports clean, green initiatives in Houston and is excited to partner with neighbors and businesses alike to collect paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and more and dispose of them properly. We will regularly transport your recyclable materials from your space to one of the Houston recycling centers.

Mission Recycle Recycling Bin Options

To maximize office recycling efficiency, you will want to identify common areas and spaces with high traffic for employees and customers alike. It is helpful to have recycling bin options in these various spaces to encourage easy and efficient disposal of recyclable products. One simple way to encourage recycling in the office is to plan for a recycling bin next to every trash receptacle. Mission Recycle offers a variety of recycling bin receptacle options to suit any space – whether your space is small or large, we have selections to fit every need.

3-Compartment Bins are aesthetically pleasing in the office area and are labeled with recycling graphics according to the types of items you plan to recycle. Open bins are great for smaller spaces while large bins with lids are the most economical option for large spaces and larger expected volumes of waste. Mission Recycle can also work with you to provide a mini dumpster just to meet your recycling needs! We strive to provide quality customer service and will help you determine the best needs for your office based on the most common materials you recycle.

Visit Mission Recycle’s website and request your quote today!

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