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December 03, 2019

Houston, TX – How to Reduce Holiday Waste Through Office Recycling

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at least it’s the recycle bin

From Thanksgiving to New Year, Americans throw away more waste than any other time of year.  The holiday season is a time of festivities and holiday cheer, but also the time of year that puts more solid waste in landfills.  There’s no better time to implement and improve an office recycling program than during the holidays to reduce waste as well as take full advantage of office recycling for your business.

Recycling Conscious Gift Giving

One of the best ways to reduce the waste produced in the office this holiday season is to be conscious of gifts given to employees in the office.  Refrain from using too many boxes or wrapping paper to give out wrapped gifts to all office employees.  Instead, give recyclable cards or use recycled boxes.  Better yet, gift cards send through technology such as email avoids leaving any trace of material that has to be thrown away.

Draw Attention to Recycling Bins

Office recycling bins are usually placed in convenient, easy to see and reach places to encourage employees to recycle even the smallest of items.  Bring more attention to these bins by making them festive for the holiday season.  Decorate recycling bins with Christmas colors to make them stand out or offer a Christmas incentive to the office department with the most recycling at the end of the quarter.  Creative ways to improve office recycling benefits not only your company but our environment overall.

Make Recycling a Year-Round Priority

Recycling through the holidays is a great way to decrease what goes into the landfill.  But make an even bigger impact when you invest in office recycling year-round.  Office recycling companies can help businesses set up an office recycling program with appropriate bins placed in optimal spaces as well as implement the best way to sort recycling. Scheduled recycling pick up times make remembering to recycle easy and effortless.

Partner with Mission Recycle to implement optimal methods for collecting, sorting, and recycling all different recyclable materials in your office with an office recycling program designed for your business.

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