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Houston, TX – Reducing Plastic Packaging Can Help to Reduce Office Waste

A drastically large amount of plastic waste is generated every year. Sadly, only about 10 percent of all plastic waste is recyclable. Look around and you'll see plastic everywhere, on the sides of roads, in landfills, and filling up oceans. Any way to reduce plastic packaging is a win both for the workplace and the world. These tips can help reduce offic…

Houston, TX – Go Green with These Simple Office & Commercial Recycling Ideas

Every year, the goal of many businesses is to find ways to reduce office waste and go green. It can seem like a daunting task, but small steps play a large role in leading companies into the future of going green. Consider these few easy starting points for promoting office recycling and working towards a greener, brighter future. Conserve Energy Saving en…

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4010 Blue Bonnet Boulevard, #201,
Houston, TX 77025, USA

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4010 Blue Bonnet Boulevard, #201,
Houston, TX 77025, USA



BIO: MISSION RECYCLE is a residential and commercial / office recycling company, serving the greater Houston, TX area. As a native Houstonian with family roots in the city dating back to the 1910’s, Eric Coan has a special appreciation for Houston and its rich history.