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Houston, TX

Recycling News


Houston, TX

by: Eric Coan

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Houston, TX – Why Should Commercial Businesses Break Down Cardboard Recycling?

Across the US and also the EU, the facts state that approximately 80% of all packaging is cardboard.  While cardboard is recyclable, a surprising 850 million tons of cardboard and paper are thrown away each year, so much so that these products represent the majority of waste heading to landfills.  Businesses are no different in...

Houston, TX – How Clean Should My Recyclables Be Before Recycling Them?

Sadly, sitting in a landfill are many recyclables.  Even if we tried to retrieve them, some 25% of all recyclables would be useless because they have been contaminated.  The recycling system, while valuable, isn’t perfect.  In addition to many recyclable products ending up in recycling bins, these recycling bins are also filled to the brim...

Houston, TX – Commercial Recycling Services to Cut Back on Office Waste

Busy office buildings are usually bustling during those peak 9 to 5 work hours.  A busy workspace means an office filled with employees generating a substantial amount of waste, whether it be thousands of sheets of office paper or several hundred disposable coffee cups or food containers.  Now is the time to start rethinking office...

Houston, TX – How to Read Plastic Recycling Labels for Office Recycling

A plastic grocery bag, cell phone, juice bottle, or food container are not all the same type of plastic.  Plastic is like a family name that contains many different members.  To eliminate confusion, the Society of Plastics Industry implemented a coding system in 1988 to indicate what type of plastic each product. 1 Polyethylene Terephthalate/PETE...

Houston, TX – Use Recyclables in Creative Ways to Eliminate Waste in Offices

Many recycling companies have a list of what they will and won’t accept for recycling pick up.  Some will take plastics while others won’t.  Others don’t’ want food waste in the trash while some pick up food waste for composting.  The average waste produced by Americans in the past few years totals around 292.4 million...




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