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Houston, TX

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Houston, TX

by: Eric Coan

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Houston, TX – Fun Ways to Encourage Employee Participation in Office Recycling

Office recycling programs can have a lot of perks for companies, but for employees, they can sometimes seem tedious or overwhelming.  Employee involvement is a key component in making office recycling programs successful.  Consider these creative methods to encourage recycling within the office. Make It a Game Sorting recycling is never a fun job.  Office...

Houston, TX – How to Reduce Holiday Waste Through Office Recycling

[caption id="attachment_2532" align="alignright" width="300"] at least it's the recycle bin[/caption] From Thanksgiving to New Year, Americans throw away more waste than any other time of year.  The holiday season is a time of festivities and holiday cheer, but also the time of year that puts more solid waste in landfills.  There’s no better time to...

Houston, TX – Increase Company-Wide Recycling Through Office Recycling Programs

In today’s society, almost every office has a recycling system in place.  But not every recycling program is as effective and efficient as it could be.  Improve a limited office recycling program to eliminate the amount of trash that ends up in landfills and save your business money.  Here are some practice ways to increase...

Houston, TX – Compare Services of the Best Commercial Recycling Companies

Would you ever think that materials your company uses every day such as plastic, cardboard, paper, steel, aluminum, and a variety of other materials would be valuable commodities?  Businesses generate enough of these recyclable materials to make it worthwhile to invest in an office recycling program.  Many businesses can also receive generous rebates for participating...

Houston, TX – Commercial, Business, & Office Cardboard Recycling Programs

Recycling for businesses is an efficient means of eliminating unnecessary waste.  Commercial and office cardboard recycling programs provide an easy way to ensure cardboard can be recycled instead of discarded.  Whether your company is small or large, Mission Recycle will provide a way to transfer recyclable materials from your office to appropriate recycling centers in...




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