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July 06, 2021

Houston, TX – LED Lights Are Great Choices for Safe Street Lighting Anywhere

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When considering safe street lighting, it’s essential to first consider the “who”.  Safe street lighting for motorists may be different than for pedestrians.  But one thing is for certain, it has been determined that LED lighting is the most versatile and efficient option for safe street lighting.

Street Lighting for Pedestrians

For residential areas with a higher volume of pedestrian traffic, it is recommended that LED lighting focuses more on footpaths.  Avoid areas of shadows or unlit regions that could be potential danger spots.  While this can be hard to accomplish with older lighting options, LED lighting offers a variety of styles that can accomplish these goals.  Newer generation LED lights come in various beam spread patterns to give ample light that covers required areas yet doesn’t spill over into residential areas where residents may not want the bright light spilling into their homes.  LED lights can also reduce lighting pollution and glare in addition to adequately lighting any pedestrian area, making them the most effective choice.

Street Lighting for Motorists

Motorists require a different set of lighting needs.  For drivers, it is important that the roadways and intersections are well lit to see oncoming traffic or potential road hazards.  LED lights create consistent and uniform lighting that can also help reduce eyesight fatigue for motorists. This fatigue occurs when motorists drive through alternating light and dark zones with less uniform street lighting systems.  LED lighting has the optimum color rendering index and lighting color temperature to reduce fatigue and improve conditions for safe driving.  There’s no doubt that LED lighting for street lighting is beneficial for everyone, both pedestrians and motorists sharing the same outdoor space.

For more information about LED street light installation or to talk to an expert LED supplier of commercial and industrial lighting, contact US LED.

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