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February 05, 2021

Houston, TX – 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for Commercial LED lights

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LED lighting and technology have become the standard for energy-efficiency and the primary alternative to traditional lighting systems. LED can be found everywhere– indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, signs and displays, and commercial and industrial lighting. If you’re looking to update your lighting system, LED is the way to go. Here are four questions to consider when shopping for LED lights

What type of lighting do you need?

Proper lighting will have a powerful impact on the feel of the space. There are three basic types of lighting: ambient or general, accent, and task. Ambient or general lighting creates enough light for you to move around a room comfortably and safely while setting the tone for the space. Accent lighting creates a focal point and is normally used to draw attention to a feature in the room. Task lighting is used to help you complete a task.

What type of LED lights do you need?

When it comes to different types of commercial LED lighting, the options are endless. Recess troffer lighting, task lights, and track lighting are some examples of indoor lighting. Recessed troffer lighting is installed inside an opening in the ceiling and emits low heat. Task lights, as the name implies, are used in workspaces to illuminate the environment. Lastly, track lights are commonly mounted to adjustable light fixtures and enable adjustments.

What kind of color temperature do you need?

The appearance of light provided by a bulb is described as color temperature. Color temperature impacts the look and feel of the light produced. It is typically described as the warmth or coolness of a light source, and its hues vary from orange, yellow, white, and then blue-white to deeper colors of blue.

What kind of lighting control do you need?

Do you need motion sensors? Do you need dimmers? Do you want the color temperature to change as the day progresses? The advent of LED technology enables you to complete control of your lighting, regardless of your needs.

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