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January 26, 2021

US LED: LED Lighting in Educational Spaces

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Across the country, schools are making commitments to provide more environmentally friendly educational spaces. US LED is a supplier of LED lighting for commercial and industrial use in a variety of contexts, including educational campuses and facilities. Making the switch to LED lighting has a number of benefits, including cost savings and greater energy efficiency. LED lighting is also more durable and has a significantly longer lifespan than other lighting options, which makes it a great low-maintenance or no maintenance option for your school setting. LED lights also provide a brighter, more consistent illumination and help eliminate any dark spaces. LED lights are also a safe choice for educational spaces because they do not use nearly the amount of power as traditional lighting, nor do they heat up when running for long periods of time.

Indoor LED Lighting for Educational Campuses

US LED is a supplier of indoor LED lighting solutions for classrooms, laboratories, offices, hallways, and even large spaces like cafeterias and gyms. LED lighting can help foster a more productive and engaging learning environment due to the bright, consistent light levels and color temperatures. US LED will also provide installation for all types of indoor LED lights like flat panels and architectural troffers. Cafeterias and athletic facilities with high ceilings can benefit from LED lighting options because of how they require no maintenance and have much longer lifespans.

Outdoor LED Lighting for Educational Facilities

LED lighting is also beneficial for outdoor spaces to help provide well-lit areas so everyone on campus feels safe and secure. Parking lot safety is also important to educational campuses and LED lights offer lighting solutions with long lifespans and no flickering or dimming. These types of high performance LED outdoor lighting options are built to withstand the elements and keep all exterior spaces well lit at all times.

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