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December 18, 2020

LED Lighting for Signs and Displays

Posted in: Industry News

US LED is a supplier of commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions and offers installations of a wide variety of lights. Located in Houston, Texas, US LED manufactures much of its product right here in the United States and works with retail stores, education buildings, sports facilities, warehouses, and more, across the country. US LED also has products to help highlight and advertise your business with LED lighting for signs and displays.

Sign Cabinet Lighting

A bright, well-lit sign is an important beacon for customers to be able to find you. LED lighting offers consistently bright lighting with low to no maintenance so you can save big on operating, maintenance, and repair costs. US LED has sign cabinet lighting products specifically designed for exterior lighting and that are able to withstand all of the elements. This form of high-quality illumination is key to helping you stand out from your competitors. US LED can also help with installation of sign cabinet lighting by partnering with you to determine which products are best for your space and ensuring certified electricians will properly install what you need.

Channel Letter Lighting

Illuminate existing outdoor signs, wall art, and other architectural elements of your space with channel letter lighting products with US LED. Increase your brand awareness and help brighten up your signage with bright, consistent LED lights that have a significantly longer lifespan than traditional lighting options. Use channel letters internally illuminated with US LED lighting solutions to offer a more dimensional and aesthetically pleasing design to your exterior signage.

At US LED, we take pride in using quality LED lighting solutions to help lower energy and maintenance costs and offer lighting with significantly longer lifetimes that are environmentally friendly. There are a variety of color temperature options with LED lighting in order to best suit your specific space. LED lighting also helps provide a safe and secure space by eliminating dark areas and never flickering or fading away. Visit US LED online to learn more about LED lighting options for your signs and displays.

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