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September 15, 2020

Houston, TX – LEDs Are Lighting up the Industry of… Just About Everything | Supplier 

Posted in: Industry News

US LED in Houston, TX is open and fully functional as an essential business for all your LED lighting needs. US LED is committed to providing quality lighting solutions for community partners in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor commercial.

Auto Dealerships

Quality, consistent lighting and bright curb appeal are both important to lighting auto dealerships to catch the eye of potential customers. LED lighting for outdoor spaces at auto dealerships serves multiple purposes. LED lights render colors more accurately than traditional lighting. LED lighting also requires little to no maintenance, saving on maintenance costs as well as energy costs.

Retail Spaces

Well-lit parking lots and outdoor retail spaces are an encouraging sign to customers that this is a safe environment for shopping. Additionally, indoor retail spaces can take advantage of LED lighting solutions by providing quality, consistent lighting across the whole sales floor. Additionally, LED lights help provide a more even light and help avoid dark spaces and will never flicker.

Office Spaces

Office buildings and corporate campuses can benefit from LED lighting solutions by offering sustainable lighting solutions with sleek, modern designs. LED lighting in office spaces, hallways, and restrooms provides a well-lit environment and its consistent, bright light helps encourage productivity.

Warehouse and Manufacturing Facilities

Safety is so important in warehouses and other facilities, and LED lighting is an energy-efficient, low-maintenance illumination solution to help keep all areas brightly lit. Bright, clear lighting solutions help cut down on accidents and improve productivity for your employees when all areas are visible and well-lit.

Educational Spaces

More and more schools are committed to investing in environmentally friendly solutions and LED lighting is a sustainable option that will also provide significant savings. LED lights require little to no maintenance, freeing up maintenance staff to spend their time and focus on other concerns. LED lighting also provides quality, consistent illumination in classrooms and across campuses for better, safer learning environments.

US LED has a wide variety of LED lighting solutions for just about any industry and commercial space you can think of in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Call for pricing and to learn more about how LED lighting can help light up your workspace.

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