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March 12, 2020

Houston, TX – Lighting as a Service (LaaS) with LED Lights | Zero Upfront Costs

Posted in: Industry News

Making the total switch to LED lighting for many companies or businesses can be an expensive upfront cost.  While the energy savings in the long run makes the cost worth it, not every business wants to spend that kind of money upfront.  US LED’s lighting as a service plan makes it possible to change to LED lighting at an affordable monthly price.

An All-Inclusive Subscription Service

With US LED’s all-inclusive lighting subscription service, customers can have all the advantages of LED lighting such as lower energy costs and decreased lighting maintenance but with no upfront capital.  This program is a service agreement that goes down in the books as a monthly expense instead of an upfront cost to make it easier for companies to make the full LED switch.  Unlike a total switch all at once, this program shows a positive cash flow from the first day and allows the monthly energy savings to help pay for the program.

How It Works

First, companies agree to a subscription service agreement with US LED to commit to changing lighting over to LED lighting.  Then, US LED will install all new, energy-efficient LED lights with no upfront capital.  The installation time is usually scheduled approximately three months after the service agreement is signed.  A monthly payment is charged for the duration of the service agreement to spread out the cost of all new LED lighting installation.  US LED will maintain the lighting system over the lifetime of the service agreement.  From design to installation to maintenance, US LED will take care of your lighting system throughout the duration of the service agreement, making the switch to LED lighting as easy as it has ever been.

Contact US LED to find out more information about LaaS.

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