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Houston, TX

LED Lighting News


Houston, TX

by: Norman Kirby


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Houston, TX – 5 Thing to Consider Before Buying LED High Bay Lighting

LED lighting has many advantages.  But having the fixtures installed is no cheap or easy task.  Be sure to keep in mind some important things before buying and installing LED high bays. Avoid Cutting Corners LED lighting has many levels of lighting, from low to mid-grade all the way up to high-grade performance.  Manufacturers group...

Houston, TX – 4 Steps to Choosing a New Commercial LED Lighting Fixture

When making the switch to LED lighting, it can also involve a change in light fixtures.  While the upfront cost can be more than expected, the efficiency and energy savings make it worth it in the long run.  But with so many lighting fixtures available, choosing the right one might be overwhelming.  There are 4...

Houston, TX – What’s the Difference Between High Bay and Low Bay LED Lighting?

Both high bay and low bay LED lighting are popular choices for commercial and industrial lighting.  Choosing the right one for a designated space can vary depending on each specific building.  One thing is for sure, making the right choice is imperative to not only the safety of the building, but also the efficiency of...

Houston, TX – Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting

US LED is a professional and experienced supplier of LED lights. We also provide installation of LED lights in commercial and industrial spaces across Houston, Texas and the country. US LED assembles all LED lighting products locally and is committed to providing products that are primarily manufactured in the US. At US LED, we recognize...

Houston, TX – 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for Commercial LED light…

LED lighting and technology have become the standard for energy-efficiency and the primary alternative to traditional lighting systems. LED can be found everywhere-- indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, signs and displays, and commercial and industrial lighting. If you’re looking to update your lighting system, LED is the way to go. Here are four questions to consider...




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