LED Lighting News

Houston, TX

LED Lighting News


Houston, TX

by: Norman Kirby


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Houston, TX – Do LED Lights Affect Healthcare? | US LED | Supplier | Lights

In many commercial facilities, lights are used far more than in residential applications. Where a bedroom light might only be turned on for a few hours per day maximum, a light in a commercial building may get 10-12 working hours of more. In some commercial applications, lights are used 24 hours a day, 7 days...

Houston, TX – Do LED Lights Save Money in the Long or Short Run? | LaaS | US

LED lights are making their way into homes, businesses, and commercial settings all across the world at breakneck speed—and for good reason. The money savings that come from LED lights as compared to alternative options are substantial and should not be overlooked. Upfront Cost The upfront cost for LED lights is higher than the upfront...




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