LED Lighting News

Houston, TX

LED Lighting News


Houston, TX

by: Norman Kirby


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LED Lighting for Signs and Displays

US LED is a supplier of commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions and offers installations of a wide variety of lights. Located in Houston, Texas, US LED manufactures much of its product right here in the United States and works with retail stores, education buildings, sports facilities, warehouses, and more, across the country. US LED...

How LED Lighting Benefits Educational Campuses & Facilities

When it comes to creating the ideal learning environment, it’s important to have a lighting plan in place from the parking lots to the hallways to the classrooms. US LED is a supplier of a wide variety of LED lighting solutions for any commercial or industrial space. LED lighting is an eco-friendly lighting solution to...

Houston, TX – US LED Lighting Solutions for Sports Venues

The latest LED lighting options with US LED are all about lighting up the sports field with illumination options like no other. US LED is a supplier of LED lights in commercial and industrial spaces across the country. Based in Houston, Texas, US LED works with commercial and industrial properties all over the United States...

Houston, TX – Industrial and Manufacturing Applications of Commercial LED Lighti…

US LED is located in Houston, TX and provides quality LED lighting solutions for all types of commercial, industrial, and manufacturing spaces. LED lighting is far superior to traditional lighting options because LED lights last longer and are much more energy-efficient. US LED is a supplier of LED lights and also provides installation services for...

Houston, TX – US LED | Supplier | Installation | Lights | Commercial | Industria…

US LED provides LED lighting solutions for commercial and industrial spaces with over twenty years of experience in the industry. Located in Houston, Texas, all lighting products are assembled locally and most products are manufactured right here in the United States. US LED recognizes the importance and benefits of LED lighting as a supplier of...




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