LED Lighting News

Houston, TX

LED Lighting News


Houston, TX

by: Norman Kirby


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Houston, TX – US LED Tubes | LED Lighting Solutions | LED Tube Ready Fixtures

In many businesses, you can still find fluorescent tube lighting.  Yes, this type of lighting has a quality output at 40% less efficiency, but in today’s lighting market, there exists another solution that is even more efficient and longer-lasting.  Linear LED tubes have led the lighting market as one of the top lighting solutions with...

Houston, TX – Why Make the Switch to Commercial or Industrial LED Lighting?

Everywhere you look, products are now made with LED lights.  LED lighting can at first seem more expensive than other lighting options.  However, a closer look reveals why many are making the switch to LED lights in their homes, offices, or businesses.  There are many advantages to LED lighting that make switching over worthwhile. Energy...




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