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January 26, 2021

Houston, TX – Minor Commercial Roofing Repairs to Avoid Major Issues

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houston commercial roofersThe most common reason people associate with needing roof repairs is a roof leak, but there are other signs that your commercial roof is in need of repairs. Certified Commercial Roofing offers installation, inspection, and repairs on all types of commercial roof systems. Regularly scheduled inspections can help avoid major issues by taking care of minor repairs before they become something more serious. Here are a few examples of minor repairs that can be taken care of during a roof inspection to help be proactive and avoid costly damage and repairs.

Weather changes can have a significant impact on your commercial roof’s drainage system. In the fall and winter, leaves and debris can accumulate and clog up normal drainage routes. Commercial roof inspections can identify clogged drains and address the issue before it causes leaks or damage to the drainage system.

Extreme hot and cold temperatures can also lead to cracking and buckling. What might seem like a small issue can turn into a much bigger, more costly problem if not addressed. Scheduling regular inspections and investing in minor repairs for commercial roofs can help maintain the quality and effectiveness of your commercial roof.

Over time, the materials that make up your commercial roof system may break down due to extreme temperatures and exposure to the elements. Regular inspection, maintenance, and repair can help protect your roof and also help keep your heating and cooling costs down by maintaining energy efficiency from top to bottom.

What to Expect with Commercial Roof Repair

Certified Commercial Roofing provides commercial roofing installation and roof repair services for TPO, flat roof, modified bitumen, and metal and cool roof options. Roof damage and roof leaks can cause serious damage and Certified Commercial Roofing offers emergency roof repairs that you can trust. Only Certified Commercial Roofing offers a 2-year guarantee on all roof repairs, in addition to a 2-year repair guarantee on all labor and materials. We also offer a 10-year guarantee on modified commercial roofs.

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