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Houston, TX

Roofing Company News


Houston, TX

by: Rickey Evans

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Houston, TX | 4 Best Commercial Flat Roof options for installation or repair

Today we will talk about the 4 best materials for flat roofs There are tons of options you could use to install on your flat roof but here are the top most popular ones. Anything past these options probably needs to have a good reason why you would use something different. The main things that...

Houston, TX – Modified Bitumen and TPO Flat Roof Installation and Repair

Modified Bitumen Modified bitumen membranes are a roof system that is a hybrid of high technology formulation along with the prefabrication benefits of single ply. With traditional roofing installation techniques used in built-up roofing the membranes are basically factory made layers of asphalt using and modified layers of some kind of plastic or rubber ingredient...

Houston, TX – How bad foundations can affect a flat roof and how to repair it

Have you ever wondered how a bad foundation can affect a flat roof? Sloped roofs can of course be affected by foundation issues but flat roofs have an additional thing that can happen. If the foundation is bad a flat roof can collect water and not allow the water to drain. Normally if this issue...




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