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Hayward, CA – Top Signs of a Bad Faith Insurance Company | Insurance News

Do you want to spot a bad faith insurance company? Here are a few signs to look for. According to the law, insurance companies are bound to handle insurance claims with good faith. Unfortunately, not all of them are of the right type, and some of them play their customers. Some go the extra mile and try to save money by denying or delaying claims. The g…

Hayward, CA – 5 Common Types of Term Life Insurance | Life Insurance News

Are you aware of the different types of term life insurance? Before we move on to the types of term life insurance, let’s talk about what term life insurance is. Unlike whole life insurance that covers you for your entire life, term life insurance covers one for a certain number of years, say 10, 20, or 30 years. A majority of people go for term life insu…

Hayward, CA – 6 Biggest Myths About Life Insurance | Life Insurance News

Have you ever fallen for the myths floating around about life insurance? We’re busting them here. One of the most challenging aspects of financial planning is life insurance. Unfortunately, people tend to ignore life insurance until it gets too late. That said, life insurance is something of extreme significance, and not having a policy can put you and yo…

Hayward, CA – Tips to Get Good Rates on Life Insurance | Life Insurance News

Do you want to get decent rates on life insurance? The following tips will help you along your journey. Life insurance is the best way to provide financial security to your loved ones and help them deal with challenging financial situations easily. Unfortunately, most people don’t get a life insurance plan. Some of them think it is expensive, while others…

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