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Hayward, CA – Buy and Die Life Insurance and why that is a bad idea | Life Insur…

The traditional life insurance industry also has experienced a similar upheaval with the introduction of Living Benefits. These benefits are also called accelerated riders and are offered by most of the big carriers as they see a market in providing something more than Buy and Die policies. This new family of accelerated riders allow the client to access the face amount of the policy at a discounted rate, usually 70 – 90 per cent in case of a medical condition that would prevent them from working. The payments are tax-free and can be used for anything, no restrictions.

Hayward, CA – Best Ways to Save For Your Child’s College | Life Insurance Agent’…

Besides being happy and healthy most parents also want their children to be financially secure. One path to financial security is a good education. Education and in particular college education is in a word, expensive and rising by approx 5% a year well into the foreseeable future. ​ Most parents of moderate means cannot afford college tuition and the as…

Hayward, CA – Explaining Accelerated Riders in the East Bay | Life Insurance Age…

What are accelerated riders and why should I care? The insurance industry is evolving to offer more perceived value to clients and boost their bottom line. Accelerated benefits are one of the more recent innovations. Look at your current life insurance policy as essentially a Buy and Die proposition. Accelerated riders allow a client to tap into the fa…

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