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Taylors SC – We are Top-Rated AC Installation, Repair, & Replacement Specialists

Are you looking for a top-rated AC installation, repair, or replacement specialist in the Taylors SC area? Look no further than Five Star! We have years of experience providing quality air conditioning services to homeowners and businesses in this area. Our team of experts is experienced, licensed, and skilled in all things AC, so you can rest assured tha…

Wade Hampton, SC – Common AC Repair Issue: Bad Evaporator Coils | HVAC News

If you're a homeowner in Wade Hampton, SC, you know that the summers can be brutally hot and humid. It is why it's so important to have a reliable air conditioning system that can keep your home cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, even the best AC systems can break down from time to time. If you're experiencing problems with your AC, it's most likely due…

Spartanburg, SC – Common A/C Repair Issue: Dirty / Clogged Filters | HVAC News

If you're a Spartanburg, SC homeowner with an air conditioning unit, there's a good chance you'll eventually have to deal with an AC repair issue. And one of the most common problems is dirty filters. A blocked filter can restrict air flow, cause your AC to work harder, and lead to higher energy bills. Five Star expert technicians will help you determine…

Greenville, SC – Reviewing Our Programmable AC Thermostat Installation Services

You've come to the right place if you're looking for a programmable thermostat installation in Greenville, SC! Technicians at Five Star are experts when installing these devices, and we can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect thermostat for your home or office and make sure that it's installed corre…

Greer, SC – Common AC Repair Issue: Refrigerant Leaks | Heating & Air News

If you're a Greer, SC homeowner, and your AC is on the fritz, there's a good chance the problem is a refrigerant leak. Leaks are one of the most common AC repair issues, and they can be challenging to fix. Let's talk about what causes refrigerant leaks and how to repair them. Here at Five Star, we will provide you with 24/7 emergency services if the need…

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