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June 29, 2020

Chandler, AZ – Preventing Mold Growth in the Garage | Home Restoration News

Posted in: Industry News

Did you know that mold can grow in your garage too? Study these tips to prevent mold growth in your garage.

Mold growth is very common in garages. If you don’t take the right measures, mold can ruin your garage. Mold thrives in a dark, damp, and unventilated environment, so you should be able to prevent mold growth in your garage

When it comes to preventing mold in the garage, the basics remain the same as for other areas of your home, such as the crawl space or the basement. Since the main source of mold is moisture, the most effective way to protect your garage from it is to prevent water intrusion.

Here are some effective ways to prevent mold growth in your garage:

Inspect the Garage

Inspect your garage for openings that are resulting in water leaks and get them fixed. Roof cracks, overflowing gutters, broken pipes in and around your garage can cause water damage.

If you find standing water in the garage, make sure to remove it immediately.

Revisit Your Garage Storage

Storing items in your garage is a common practice. Items lying on floor can serve as food for mold when they come into contact with water. Before water makes its way into your garage for some reason, revisit your garage storage to ensure that no item is placed on the floor.

Install Water-Proof Walls

Consider installing mold-resistant drywall if you’re looking to remodel your garage. Water proof paint on concrete and walls can also help keep mold at bay.

Control Humidity Levels in the Garage

Since your garage is more exposed to moisture for reasons such as a car wash, it may comprise of humidity levels higher than 50% that can easily cause mold growth.

To control and decrease humidity in the garage, use fans and vents to allow for proper ventilation as well as dehumidifiers to keep the environment dry. If possible, let the sunlight in for a few hours every day.

Improve the Drainage System

In case of storms and heavy rainfall, water can easily backup toward your garage if you don’t have a proper garage floor drainage system in place. If that’s true for your case, get an efficient drainage system as well as manage the surrounding ground levels so that water is directed away from your home instead of flowing into your garage or basement.

Seal the Garage Door

It’s extremely important to seal as well as insulate your garage to protect it from extreme weather conditions. If the weather stripping is torn or ragged, get it replaced as soon as possible. Sealing the bottom of the garage door is critical to prevent water from flowing into the garage. If the bottom seal has shrunk or is subject to wear and tear, replace it.

If your garage has already suffered water and mold damage, get in touch with S.T.O.P for remediation services.

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