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September 14, 2020

Georgetown, TX – Need Custom Wall Murals for Your Office? Call a Sign Company

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Do you need custom wall murals for your office? Here are some wall decal ideas that you can take inspiration from!

Nowadays, wall decals and murals are an essential element of office décor. This is because a well-crafted custom wall mural has the potential to change the face of a room. It can inspire creativity in your employees, keep your prospective clients entertained, appease their aesthetic sense, and also project a great impression of your company.

Each custom wall mural has the power to tell a great story for your company. However, for this story to get communicated to your target audience, you need to design wall murals that showcase your business, align with your brand, and highlight your company culture.

Here are some fantastic wall mural ideas that you can take inspiration to create your custom wall mural:

Go RetroOffice Walls

You want a wall mural that conveys a solid first impression on anyone who walks through the doors of your business establishment. To make this possible, you need to showcase something that’s attractive but not so overtly that it becomes distracting. A black and white mural is perfect to achieve this chic yet minimalist vibe.

Inspire Creativity

If you plan on installing a wall mural in your boardroom, then choose one that can inspire creativity in your employees. Since a boardroom is typically well-lighted, you can opt for a bold and creative geometric mural, which will always help your team see things from a unique perspective. To take things a step further, you can design this wall mural in your company’s signature colors.

Alleviate the Stress

Every office needs a space where people can just unwind and take a break from the stressful work environment. This is where a relaxing, Zen wall mural enters the picture. A relaxing wall mural such as a calming valley or a brightly-lit forest also works well when it’s placed in a high-stress room as it can help mediate the stress and also spruce up the space.

Tell Your Story

Depending on what your story is and what you’d like to tell your employees, clients, and business partners, you can add your voice to your wall mural. Your custom design could highlight what you stand for and what matters to you and your brand. Just make sure that your design falls perfectly in line with your vision and voice.

Similarly, you can choose a company quote, mantra, slogan, or moto and incorporate that into your wall decal. It will be a neat way to remind your employees of the values that matter to you. You can also add your company’s logo to the design in beautiful typography and graphics.

Showcase Some Architecture

Wall murals that showcase an impressive city skyline are a great choice for offices. This is because they exude a sense of power and inspire people to reach the top of the world. You can choose your own city’s skyline or the skyline of a city that matters to your company such as the city where your company was founded. Such a powerful wall mural will also add some depth to your room and make it feel large and roomy.

Experiment with Colors

Another great strategy for wall murals is to play with different colors that can influence the feelings of your employees and clients. For instance, if you want to inspire creativity, then opt for warmer colors such as orange. Similarly, if you want a calm ambiance, then opt for shades of green and blue.

When customizing a wall mural for your office, use your imagination and keep your company’s story in mind.

For custom wall murals that will enthrall your audience, visit our website today!

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