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August 12, 2022

Newark, CA – We Specialize in Toyota Camry Repair Services in the East Bay Area

Posted in: Industry News

If you’re looking for the best Toyota Camry repair services in the East Bay Area, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Fremont Foreign Auto has been fixing cars for years and we know what it takes to keep your car running like new.

The Toyota Camry is one of the most popular cars on the road today. It offers a lot of features to make driving fun and easy. However, there are some things that can go wrong with your vehicle. If you experience any of these problems with your car, it may be time to take it into our auto repair shop for repairs:

  1. Excessive Oil Consumption

One of the most common problems with the Toyota Camry is excessive oil consumption. If your Toyota Camry is consuming excessive amounts of oil, it may be due to an internal engine problem. The engine can consume too much oil if there are worn valve guides or piston rings that allow excessive blow-by gases to enter the crankcase.

This causes a build-up of sludge in the engine’s oil passages, which leads to low compression and poor lubrication of vital engine parts. If you notice a significant amount of oil consumption on your Toyota Camry, bring it to our shop so we can examine it closely.

  1. Transmission Problems

The transmission is an integral part of a vehicle’s drivetrain. It’s responsible for getting power from the engine to the wheels. If your Toyota Camry is having problems shifting gears or has difficulty accelerating, then it could be a sign something is wrong with your transmission. Our certified technicians will be able to diagnose and fix your transmission problem quickly and efficiently.

  1. Power Brake Assist Failure

The power brake assist system is designed to provide additional stopping power in emergency situations. If you notice your vehicle isn’t stopping as fast as it used to, then there could be something wrong with your power brake assist system and you’ll need to have it repaired by a professional auto repair technician at our shop.

  1. Electrical Issues

The electrical system on your Camry contains many components and wires that work together to make sure everything runs smoothly. And there are a number of electrical issues that can arise in your Toyota Camry. The most common problem is the failure of a fuse or circuit breaker.

This is usually due to either an open or shorted fuse, but can also be caused by a bad electrical connection. The next issue is a problem with the alternator and/or battery. The alternator is responsible for charging the car’s battery when it runs low on power, while the battery maintains the charge in your car’s electrical system.

  1. Problems with the AC and Heater System

Another common Toyota Camry problem involves the air conditioner system not working properly. This could mean that your air conditioning does not blow cold air or does not blow any air at all. It could also mean your heater does not blow hot air or blows cold air instead of hot air. Call us right away if you experience any issues like this so we can get your AC back up and running again.


Let us take care of your Toyota Camry repair. Our technicians are ASE certified and have years of experience working on all makes and models. We take great pride in our workmanship and customer satisfaction and we’ll get your vehicle back on the road fast!

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