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July 29, 2020

Boston, MA – Hurricane Season in New England Peaks in August and September

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     Hurricane season is upon us! According to Mass.gov, hurricane season in Massachusetts starts in June and ends November, however, the state sees more hurricane activity during the months of August and September. As we approach these two months, we want to help jumpstart your first steps to preparing for a possible hurricane and hurricane damage. Through preparation, we can finish hurricane season strong and be prepared for hurricane season next year and the years to come. With that being said, let’s learn how to secure our homes both physically and financially.  

SignsStorm Clouds

  • Increased Wind Speeds 
  • Long Lasting (Heavy) Downpour
  • Rise in Water Levels
  • Weather/Storm Reports

Increased Wind Speeds. The most obvious sign of an incoming hurricane is increased wind speeds. In Massachusetts, regular wind speeds can go from 10-25 depending on whether you live close to a large body of water or inland. However, when a hurricane is approaching, wind speed greatly increases and will not decrease after hours or even days. Depending on the strength of the hurricane, wind speeds can increase to the 70’s and in worse cases, above 120’s.

Long Downpour. Another sign of an approaching hurricane is a long downpour. In some cases, it can cause more than 4 inches of rain per hour. A long downpour combined with high wind speeds can cause flooding. 

Rise In Water Levels. Another sign of a hurricane is an unusual rise in water levels. Due to the high winds coming from the ocean, it pushes water from the ocean or large lake onto land. This causes severe flooding, damage to everything on land, and is very deadly. 

Weather/Storm Reports. Even knowing all of the signs of an approaching hurricane, one cannot be sure it is one until the hurricane approaches and when that happens, it can make evacuation difficult. The best way to know if a hurricane is approaching is following weather reports. They are great at informing people of possible storms, their current location, which direction they are headed, and possible wind speeds they are bringing with them. Not only do these reports follow hurricanes, they also report on tornadoes, snow storms, and more! 

Now that we know some of the signs of a hurricane, we can start looking to the sky with more ease as we enter August. However, if we have experienced hurricane damage from years prior or water damage, please don’t wait to call for an assessment of the damage and help to restore your property back to normal. Wind and water damage continue to eat away at the materials on roofing, siding, and indoor walls and ceilings even if it looks dry.

If you have experienced damage to your home due to a natural disaster, call Service Team of Professionals. We specialize in water, mold, fire, and lighting damage. If there are other things that need to be fixed that we don’t specialize in, we probably know people who do and will be happy to refer you to our trusted list of professionals. For more information, call STOP at 508 – 841-3082 or visit our webpage at STOP Metrowest


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