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July 29, 2020

Metrowest, MA – Bugs to Watch Out for After Water Damage Because of Leaking Roof

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Water Damage

Do you know that roof leakage can attract different types of bugs?

It is not uncommon for roofs to leak, especially during the rainy season. The moment you notice a leak in your roof, we are sure the only things you start worrying about is water damage and mold growth. However, there is one more problem that you can’t overlook, and that is insect and pest infestation. Insects and pests are attracted to water and moisture, and they can end up in your attic. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common pests and insects you should watch out for after a roof leak.


Cockroaches are the most common pests to infest your living space. These creepy crawlers have a particular fascination with warmth and moisture. They aren’t fond of a specific kind of food and they mostly snack on any paper products they can find in the attic. Getting rid of cockroaches isn’t easy, and if they are left to stay, they can cause damage Therefore, you should seek help from a professional exterminator. They ruin food items and also give off a foul odor, which is unbearable.

Carpenter Ants

Apart from cockroaches, another common pest found after a roof leak is the carpenter ant. These ants are black and brown in color, and they can grow up to ¼ inches in length. After a roof leak, they can show up in our attics out of nowhere. They tend to make their nests, and once their numbers increase, they start weakening the wooden surfaces on your property. Just like cockroaches, you need to hire professionals to get rid of these ants, or they will spread throughout the house before you can even realize it.


Have you seen those bugs that have pincers on the end of their tails? Those insects are known as earwigs and they are particularly fond of warm and moist environments, such as the leaky attic in your house. To reproduce, the earwigs need a moist space. Earwigs are somewhat harmless, and after the moisture is taken care of, they tend to disappear. However, when it comes to  getting rid of earwigs, fixing the holes and the cracks in the walls is just as important as removing the moisture source.


As the name suggests, silverfish is literally silver in color. Moreover, their bodies are shaped like teardrops. These pests tend to feed on paper products, cardboard and things that contain some form of cellulose.

To eliminate such pests from your living space, make sure to have your roof fixed and the moisture removed.

Water damage due to any reason is bad. If you have experienced water damage and want to resolve the problem before it causes mold damage or a pest infestation, feel free to visit our website and get in touch with our professionals. We provide the best restoration services in Metrowest, MA.

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