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May 04, 2020

Metrowest, MA – Causes and Prevention of Garage Fires | Home Restoration News

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Are you taking the necessary precautions to prevent fire hazards in your garage? This blog will explain why you need to and how.

Since your garage comprises different types of flammable objects such as oil, gas, alcoholic car cleaners, etc., it is more vulnerable to fire incidents than any other part of your home. To make things worse, you might have stored too many automotive items in the garage, offering the perfect clutter to fuel the spread of fire. Keeping in mind the causes of fires in the garage, we’ve compiled some preventative measures to avoid garage fires:Electrical Threats

Proper Storage of Items

Since flammable liquids are the major reason for garage fire incidents, storing them properly in the garage proves highly effective in ensuring a safer environment. Think of how you can keep all flammable materials away from flammable sources. Since propane tanks are often prone to explosion or ignition, it’s best to store them outside the garage. Besides, some fuels, cleaners, and fluids are highly flammable and can easily fuel fires. They must be sealed in a safe place inside the garage.

Eliminate Clutter

Let’s face it- we’re all poor at organizing things in our garage, and the result is a cluttered space. Your garage probably contains all the items you collected over the years. What you need to know is that clutter can encourage the fire to spread faster. The simple solution is to declutter the space by getting rid of the old belongings and organizing the necessary items in a clean and tidy way.

Address Electrical Threats

A large number of garage fires are a result of electrical malfunctioning, ranging from overloaded electrical outlets to faulty electrical circuits and damaged wiring. To prevent such issues from causing a garage fire, avoid the use of extension cords and daisy-chained surge protectors as much as possible. Instead, plug your garage door opener into an actual socket. Also, consider hiring an electrician to inspect the wires and circuits from time to time if you reside in an older home.

Ensure Proper Sealing

Another important tip is to protect the rest of your home from the vulnerabilities associated with your garage. Gasoline, carbon monoxide, and other harmful fumes must not be able to enter your home from your garage. Even if there’s no fire threat, they will pollute the indoor air quality in your home. An effective solution is to firmly seal the garage door that is connected to your home.

Fires that start in your garage are often very destructive and spread faster than other fires. Electrical surges, flammable items, and clutter are a few causes of garage fires. Garage fires can be prevented if you take the above-explained precautions. These tips will make your garage fireproof as well as protect other areas of your home.

If your garage or other areas of your home are damaged by fire, contact the Service Team of Professionals today.

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