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March 16, 2020

Metrowest, Ma – Prevent Water Damage in Your Garage With the Following Tips

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Do you know how to prevent water damage in your garage?

Garages and other storage spaces are often subject to water damages because minor leaks easily go unnoticed. By the time you’re able to track them, the damage has already been done. Even though the place is most susceptible to water damage, it’s frequently overlooked when it comes to maintenance. If you don’t want to end up with mold growth or more severe problems in your garage, then follow the below-mentioned tips to prevent water damage.store items in your garage

Inspect the Openings in Your Garage

Oftentimes, water damage in a garage results from water seeping through various openings or cracks in the foundation of the garage. When these cracks allow water to get through, the surface can be damaged over time.

An effective solution is to inspect the foundation of your garage and use waterproof paint or vinyl to seal any cracks that you may find. Another tested idea is to install a flood vent that prevents water from entering the garage by redirecting it elsewhere.

Place Sandbags

Minor flooding during rainy seasons is among the biggest culprits of water damage in garages. What you can do is place dozens of sandbags at every position that can possibly allow water to enter the garage before the storm arrives.

You’ll typically find these seepage areas near the garage door. During low-level flooding, when water enters and comes into contact with sandbags, they instantly expand to serve as dams, denying entry into the garage.

Make other Preparations

If you store items in your garage, you should also be concerned about how to protect them at times of water damage. If they’re resting on the garage floor, they’ll immediately come into contact with water in worse case scenarios.

Instead of placing your valuable items on the floor, use shelving systems or crates and keep them away from scattering water. This way, you’ll be more focused on getting rid of the water from the garage than protecting your items.

Get Rid of Roof Leaks

While roof leaks are often ignored by homeowners, they happen to be one of the most common causes of water damage in garages. Water pipes above the garage may be subject to leakages that can cause stains on the drywall and damage your garage’s electrical systems, and sheetrock. You need to watch out for these water leaks because not only are they extremely damaging, but they are also difficult to detect.

Place Weatherstripping around Your Garage Door

If the materials of your garage door are damaged or worn out, it can easily allow water to enter the area. To avoid this, consider adding weatherstripping to your garage door that functions as a tight seal, preventing water from coming in. Depending on your individual case, you may even have to replace your garage door.

If you aren’t familiar with the task, get in touch with us and we can help you with damage restoration .

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