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February 04, 2020

Boston, MA – 5 Main Causes of Fire Accidents in Homes – Fire Damage News 

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Do you know why fire accidents take place in homes? Continue reading to find the answer.

Fire accidents in homes can take place for a number of reasons. Misuse of electrical appliances, faulty heating equipment, meal preparation, and indoor smoking are some of the many causes of house fires.  Take the time to follow safety measures to eliminate the possibility of house fires. Here are some of the most common reasons for fire accidents in homes.

  1. Indoor Smoking 

Smoking inside the house is hazardous for both health and safety reasons. A cigarette that isn’t put out properly is the number one cause of house fires. Even after the tobacco is burnt, the butt continues to burn and can cause a fire. If a lit cigarette comes into contact with wooden furniture, clothes, and paper items, for example, a deadly fire can break out. Smoking indoors is never advised.

  1. Cooking Equipment 

Another common cause behind house fires is cooking equipment. Pans and pots are hot, and the person cooking gets distracted and moves away for even just a moment. An unattended stove or oven can result in the food or oil burning. Never leave an unattended stove.Heating Equipment 

  1. Heating Equipment 

The heating equipment in our home is meant to keep us warm and comfortable during the nippy winter months. However, the circuitry inside the heater can also be a source of house fires. Therefore, it is essential to keep these portable heaters away from flammable items and chemicals. Household items like carpets, curtains, and wooden furniture are prone to combustion and present you with the worst house fires. In case you have a furnace, make sure to have it inspected every year. If it isn’t fulfilling the safety standards, chances are that it can result in a house fire.

  1. Children’s Curiosity 

A child’s curiosity is instrumental to his or her psychological and physical growth, and must, therefore, be encouraged. However, a child’s curiosity has its downsides as well. Young children may have an interest in fire because of the light and glowing objects. Sometimes, kids can be over experimental and can even try to stick their fingers in fire. The idea of igniting a matchstick or a cigarette lighter is very charming to young children. Amidst the curiosity, children can start fires. For prevention, educate your children about the dangers of fire and try to keep flammable instruments and chemicals away from their reach.

  1. Barbeque Grill

Much like the stove in the home, the barbeque grill must always be watched closely. Different foods and materials may heat and cause flames more than others. A small flame can turn into something much worse in minutes. Remember, the barbeque grill must always be kept away from trees, plants, clothes, and other flammable items.

Smoke and fire damage restoration can cost you differently depending on a number of factors involved. For personal safety and building safety, fire damage restoration is best left to professionals like Service Team of Professionals (STOP).  Smoke leaves a very smelly residue on everything and requires specific and detailed cleaning to ensure the odor is gone and that the residue does not continue to damage any items.

STOP Metrowest is an IICRC Certified Firm – safe, quality, and compassionate service is our priority! We provide 24/7 emergency board up for fire damage and cleaning and odor control for smoke damage related issues in Framingham MA or other Metrowest MA communities like Natick MA, Holliston MA, and Marlborough MA. Call STOP MetroWest at 508-753-3780.

For more information, visit our webpage at STOP Metrowest.

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