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December 25, 2019

Framingham, MA – Reasons Why Fires Break out in Homes | Fire Damage News

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Wondering why fires break out in homes?

A fire breaking out inside your home is highly dangerous for you and your family. First of all, house fires put you and your loved ones at the risk of getting physically injured or even worse, at risk of getting stuck inside a burning home. Even when all your family members manage to escape the house in time, the emotional distress of a house fire can often take a toll on your wellbeing.

Moreover, a house fire can also lead to severe financial losses due to expensive repairs and time-consuming renovations. The extensive damage of a house fire can ruin all the valuable belongings inside your home. The fire damage also weakens the structure of your home and makes it unsuitable for living. As a result, you have to find some other place to live in temporarily until your home is restored.

This is why it’s important to be familiar with the common reasons for fires breaking out in homes. Knowing them will allow you to take precautions and avoid these safety hazards in your home.

Monitor Cooking Equipment on the Stove Closely

The most frequent reason for a fire breaking out in homes is abandoned cooking equipment on the stove. Leaving the kitchen while there is unmonitored cooking equipment on the stove is highly dangerous because the pots left on the stove can easily overheat and cause a fire.

Your should never leave the kitchen to do anything else after you have switched on the stove. Make sure you monitor the cooking equipment on the stove closely or ask someone to keep an eye on it while you are away. This small safety measure will help you safeguard your home against house fires to a great extent.


Monitor Electrical Wires and Switches

The next reason for fires breaking out in homes is faulty electrical wires and over-burdened switches. Electrical wires and switches can easily become overheated and release sparks when there is an overload on them. If the sparks occur close to a flammable object then this can result in a fire accident inside a home.

You should monitor the electrical wires and switches in your home. Never attach multiple powerful appliances to one power outlet as this can result in overheating. Moreover, keep electrical wires in open areas so that you can quickly detect sparks from them. Early detection of faulty electrical wires and switches can allow you to repair the problem to avoid house fires.

Remember to Blow out Burning Candles

The last reason for house fires we want to discuss is candles. Candles can easily cause house fires if they are left unmonitored. This is why you must always remember to blow out candles before you sleep or exit a room to safeguard your home.

You should be mindful of where you place the candles in your home. Candles should always be placed at a safe distance from flammable things like rugs, curtains, cushions, newspapers, or books.

Smoke Damage

Even if the fire did not burn very much, the smoke and soot will always cause a smelly situation that is almost impossible to get rid of quickly.  There are specific steps and products that professional remediation companies, like Service Team of Professionals (STOP) use. It is important to contact a company like STOP to help minimize the damage soot causes and remove that horrible odor.

STOP Metrowest is an IICRC Certified Firm – safe, quality, and compassionate service is our priority! We provide fire and smoke clean up and restoration services in Framingham MA or other Metrowest MA communities like Sudbury MA, Holliston MA, and Westborough MA. Call STOP MetroWest 508-753-3780.

For access to more useful information on fire damage restoration, please visit our website.

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