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December 19, 2019

Framingham, MA – Fire Damage Cleanup: Steps That Professionals Take | Fire Repair

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Did you or anyone you know fall victim to a house fire?

House fires can be very dangerous and traumatizing events. They can leave your family scared as your house and possessions burn in front of you. At that moment, you should not care about any valuables and focus on getting your family out. It can be difficult to compose yourself in such a situation but steady bearings can help you a lot. Immediately make the call to fire and rescue services. Once the emergency is over and everyone is safe, contact fire restoration services like Service Team of Professionals (STOP) in Greater Boston MA. Time is of the essence in combating a house fire and saving your possessions.

Many people can be reluctant to call fire restoration services. They think that their possessions might be stolen or damaged because of being in the open. That is a misconception and could not be further from the truth. It can help to dispel any if you know how they go about their work.

Sealing Entry Points

You should rest assured about any theft because sealing your house is the first step. STOP takes account of any breaches in your house and closes them up, also known as board up. This prevents annoying onlookers and daring trespassers from overstepping on your property.

Inspection and Protection from Further Damage

STOP begins by inspecting and taking photos and inventory of your property. There is often massive fire damage which has to be accounted for and water damage enters the fray too. They have to quickly devise measures for stopping damage from any and all sources.

Removing Debris, Ash, and Soot

After their initial inspection is done, STOP will get to work on cleaning. Debris, ash, and soot need to be cleaned and cleared at the earliest. This is because they have acidic properties that degrade any possessions in contact.

Specialized equipment and vacuums are used to collect as much of the soot and ash as possible from items and from the air. Clearing this initial burnt material clears the house for rescuing your valuables.

Rescuing Possessions and Valuables

Professionals, like Service Team of Professionals, will next move to salvage as much of your belongings as possible. They realize that many items are quite delicate and may get ruined from exposure. STOP will ask you questions about valuable items so the contents can be prioritized and organized

STOP will follow protocols to effectively and safely clean remaining soot and ash from your possessions. Often times, your items may need to be packed and stored while the rest of the home is being restored. STOP also provides cleaning and restoration for the damage to home.

Draining any Water

After a house fire, it is likely that water also enters the equation such as water from any melted pipes and plumbing or water from the fire truck. This water can pool and mix with the soot and ash to form a corrosive mix. The water can also soak up walls and furniture. Removing this excess moisture will be the most important step once the scene is cleared.

Restoration Work

Once the above steps are complete, STOP will start the actual restoration work. This includes deep cleaning, deodorization, stain removal, and other such tasks. If there are specialty items such as artwork or rugs, STOP will work with the best art and rug restoration companies to ensure they are restored appropriately.


If you or anyone you know is in need of fire restoration services, contact STOP. The Service Team of Professionals is made of experts in fire repair and restoration work. Leave the security and restoration of your house in our hands.

STOP Metrowest is an IICRC Certified Firm – safe, quality, and compassionate service is our priority! We provide 24/7 emergency board up and tarping and restoration of any fire and water damage related issues in Framingham MA or other Metrowest MA communities like Sudbury MA, Holliston MA, and Sherborn MA. Call Service Team of Professionals (STOP MetroWest 508-753-3780) based in Framingham and Holliston MA.

Visit our website for more information.

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