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Boston Metrowest, MA: Thunderstorm and Lightning Safety Tips to Consider

FLASH! BOOOOOOOOM! FLASH! We know what that means! A thunderstorm is on its way! Aren't thunderstorms exciting? We here at STOP Metrowest find thunderstorms exhilarating to experience! It's like a performance in the sky! A bright, white dancing across the dark, cloud-filled skies, while being followed by a deafening drum declaring the end of that lig…

Framingham, MA – The Indoor Air Quality – Do You Know What You Breathe?

Let’s Breathe. As I think about the meaningful work we do in the restoration industry, it’s all centered around creating or restoring a healthy and safe environment. And a large part of the healthy and safe environment Service Team of Professionals impacts involves the indoor air quality. Breathing is essential. In fact, I am often reminded that I’m not…

Framingham, MA: Atlantic Hurricane Season is Here – Let’s Build an Emergency Kit

Preparing an emergency kit is a great way to prepare for hurricanes, natural disasters, or other emergency situations. With an emergency kit, you reduce the stress about gathering things you need while a disaster is knocking at your door. Instead, you can run, grab your kit, and head out the door at the first sign of danger heading your way. In a way, emerge…

Framingham, MA: Have you protected your property from hurricane damage?

Hurricane season is upon us! According to, hurricane season near the coast of Massachusetts peaks during the months of August and September. It is important that you are prepared for a possible hurricane and hurricane damage. Through preparation, we can finish hurricane season strong and be prepared for hurricane season next year and the years to co…

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Is there mold growth in your attic? Here are a few things you must know. One of the best places for mold to grow and thrive in is your attic. The attic in your h…
Thunderstorms and lightning create the most beautiful skyscapes and keep the landscape lush and green around our beautiful city of Boston, Massachusetts. On the flip…


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