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October 04, 2021

Fort Myers, FL – Choosing the Right Materials to Upgrade Your Home | Renovations

Posted in: Industry News

luxury bathroom from Stone and Tile From PortugalWhen it comes to kitchen and bath renovations, one of the ways to truly upgrade your look is by having us use gorgeous natural stone as part of the project, whether it be for flooring, countertops, or as shower walls or backsplashes. But different types of stone work best in different areas of your house, so here at Stone and Tile from Portugal, we’ve put together this list of the types of stone we carry, and what different properties of that stone makes it best for different uses. 

Marble and Limestone

Marble and it’s cousin, limestone, are popular choices as stone materials for home renovation projects. Both are sedimentary rocks, meaning they were formed over millions of years as layers of sediment were deposited in lakes, rivers, and oceans. The deposits give marble its distinctive wavy veins. 

Both are calcium carbonate rocks, but marble has been under pressure longer than limestone. That’s why marble can be polished to a high, glossy shine. Limestone is usually left with its natural patina.

Marble usually has one single, primary color—such as white, pink, green, gray or blue. Some marbles have streaks of darker colors woven through it. You may also notice some crystallization that makes it sparkle. It’s a glamorous option that’s been used for millennia. The Taj Mahal and many ancient Grecian temples are constructed of marble. 

Eye-catching properties give marble or limestone a luxurious, high-end feel. Whether you choose marble or limestone, you’re picking a material that is hard and durable for your remodeling project. Marble has been known to increase your home’s property value, as well. Foodies love it as a kitchen countertop because it stays cold to the touch, which is great for rolling out pie crust and the like. When used as flooring, highly polished marble can be slick and cause slip-and-fall accidents, so be careful where you choose to put it. Like most natural material marble is porous, so it can stain, which is why you want to reseal it annually.

Marble’s best uses include: Tub and shower surrounds; Kitchen backsplashes and countertops; Entryway floors; Wall caps and half walls. Let us help you start your renovation project and create the space you’ve been dreaming of with Stone and Tile from Portugal.

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