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Fort Myers, FL – Dealing with Anxiety? | Get Relief From Local Chiropractor

This is Dr. Lee angle with Upper Cervical Health Centers. I want to talk about a topic that is prevalent in society and can really be a big problem. That's anxiety. A recent study showed that one out of six people in America. Take some sort of psychiatric anti-depressant anxiety medication. Some studies depend on the location. Six, eight, 10% of the prescrip…

Fort Myers, FL – Bad Digestive Issues, We Can Help | See Our Local Chiropractor

Imagine you just sat down to your dream meal. Gordon Ramsey seared it himself. You take the first bite and it is better than you imagined. Your taste buds are singing and you swallow down another bite. At that point, the food you swallowed begins a complex journey. It has to be broken down, and the nutrients absorbed. Not just the big ones we think of lik…

Fort Myers, FL – Helping Brain Lobe Function Through Chiropractic Adjustment

We started a four part series on the lobes of the brain and how an upper neck misalignment can influence them. If you missed part one on the Frontal Lobe check it out here. The second lobe we will discuss is the Temporal Lobe. Just like the frontal lobe it is where you might guess, in the area of your temples. We have one on each side of the brain. Differ…

Fort Myers, FL – Athletes, Contact a Local Chiropractor For Concussion Testing

Concussions have become the biggest concern in contact sports, and for good reason. A brain injury can be life-altering in a split second. One of the biggest decisions that needs to be made in concussion treatment is when to release an athlete and send them back to the field of play. There are a number of factors that go into making this decision. Balance…

Fort Myers, FL – Tips for Building and Maintaining a Healthy Posture and Health

As a child, my grandmother used to always tell me “stand up straight, shoulders back, head forward.” I just thought she was being strict and well, just grandma. Little did I know that she would be saving me from a world of pain later in life. Poor posture will not only harm your neck but it can also cause damage to your whole spinal system. Many times, we…

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BIO: Dr. Lee Angle is originally from southern West Virginia. After having his life changed through Upper Cervical Care he chose to pursue it as a career. He has been practicing Upper Cervical Chiropractic for over a decade. Dr. Angle previously worked as a certified personal trainer. This background allows him to educate his patients on proper movement and exercises to speed their recovery.