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Fort Myers, FL – Antique Shop Owner Tips on Identifying Genuine Antique Jewelry

Finding any gold is exciting, especially if you can find a hidden treasure at a yard sale. But how do you know if it is antique gold? The market is full of reprints and fakes, which can easily deceive the untrained eye. Here is what to help you master the art of recognizing authentic antique treasures! Understand the Meaning of "Antique" Jewelry is…

Fort Myers, FL – Discussing 5 Tips for Identifying Authentic Antique Jewelry

Authentic antique jewelry offers unmatched artistry and historical significance. But determining if a piece is genuinely old requires a discerning eye. As Southwest Florida's trusted antique jewelry specialist for over 30 years, Judy’s Jewelry provides reliable authentication services and insider tips to help you uncover the beauty of true vintage adornments…

Fort Myers, FL – Valuing Precious Stones: Rubies & Sapphires | Antique Shop News

For centuries, vibrant rubies and sapphires have captivated royalty and collectors alike with their stunning hues born from the earth’s fiery depths. Set in ornate estate jewelry, these antique gems weave intricate stories of eras past. Their rarity and resilience to time’s tests drive value and allure. At Judy’s Jewelry, we specialize in these precious anti…

Fort Myers, FL – Buying Semi-Precious Stones from an Antique Store / Shop

Take a journey back in time with us to explore antique and vintage jewelry’s most dazzling feature – the mesmerizing rainbow of semi-precious stones decorating these timeworn treasures. Often overlooked for more valuable diamonds and gems, these diverse colored beauties bring affordable magic to jewelry palettes. Their rarity and elegance intensifies with ag…

Fort Myers, FL – Antique Shop Owners Tips for Buying Antique Engagement Rings

You’ve been waiting for that special moment, slipping a ring on your beloved’s finger - its filigreed sides whispering of Victorian romance, its diamond sparkling with Art Deco mystery. What better emblem of forever than this artifact that already proved the test of time? At Judy’s Jewelry, we specialize in these antique engagement treasures intertwining…

Cape Coral, FL – Value of Vintage Gold Bracelets Discussed at Antique Shop

In the quaint and vibrant heart of Cape Coral, FL, Judy's Jewelry stands as a beacon for those who cherish the elegance and story behind vintage gold bracelets. Our antique shop is not just a place to find jewelry; it's a treasure trove of history, craftsmanship, and style. Vintage gold bracelets are more than just accessories; they are a testament to timele…

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