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November 24, 2021

Pineville, SC – Call for Mold Remediation Services | Commercial Restoration News

Posted in: Industry News

Mold Remediation

Sick of the mold reappearing in your warehouse or facility basement?

Call STOP of Fort Mill, Sc,  and say goodbye to mold for good!

If you are worried about a mold outbreak growing in your commercial facility day by day, you can sit back and relax. The premier mold remediation service is now near you to assist! STOP of Fort Mill, SC has been eliminating mold spores for over 40 years now. Our exposure to all types of mold is what has led us to deploy the most effective methods of remediation.

Here is a breakdown of our mold inspection and remediation procedure.

We Arrive Within 90 Minutes!

STOP of Fort Mill is known for its lead industry time of arrival. This is what makes us a trusted service provider in the state. We understand how mold outbreaks can be tricky to deal with. They require immediate action. Failure to do so can result in risks such as health hazards or weakening of the structural integrity of your property.

We InspectMolded wall

At STOP of Fort Mill,SC,  we do not let any trace of mold spores be left behind. We conduct a thorough inspection of the impacted area before getting started.

The certified and experienced team reaches every corner to get down to the root cause of the problem. For mold remediation, getting to the source and eliminating it is important. And, this is exactly what we are known to do.

We Remediate

Our experts can identify the type of mold with just one glance. The right method of remediation is then put forward and the areas are sealed off to prevent cross-contamination.

Personal protective equipment is also worn at all times. If needed, we will temporarily close off your facility till it is safe for it to be operational again. This is usually the case for black mold that may have gotten out of hand.

The right chemicals are used and dehumidifiers and air fans are used to draw out moisture. We make sure the area is completely dry and mold-free once we are done with the job. Also, all OSHA industry standards and protocols are followed as well. In addition, we also coordinate with your insurance company if need be to expedite the claim process.

Keeping your employees and customers safe and protected is what we focus on the most here. Getting your business up and running as soon as possible is a given here, you need not stress out about the mold reappearing. With our techniques, the mold is sure to think twice before re-growing.

Get in touch!

Get your mold inspection and remediation done without delay with STOP of Fort Mill, SC.

Call us and we will arrive at your doorstep within 90 minutes. Our services are available throughout the week and around the clock. We also cater to fire damage repair, biohazard cleanup, water damage repair, and more!

For further information, visit our website here or drop us a message. Our respondents will get back to you as soon as possible.

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